NIMH and NHLBI Heart and Soul Workshop

Heart and Soul, Brain Behavior and Cardiovascular Gene Dosage Effects in 7q11.23 and 22q11.2 CNVs:
Williams-Beuren and 22q11.2 deletion/duplication syndromes in focus

The Heart and Soul workshop will bring together world experts on gene dosage effects in brain and cardiac development. Copy number variations in 7q11.23 (Williams Syndrome and the Duplication 7 syndrome) as well as in 22q11.2 (deletion and duplication syndromes) will serve as model conditions for this discussion. Speakers and participants will describe genotype-phenotype links, the molecular mechanisms by which gene dosage results in the syndrome phenotypes, and potential for therapeutic intervention, thus providing a rich and unique learning environment.

Trainees are welcome to attend and are encouraged to present. Short presentations will be selected from abstracts and a poster session is planned.  Abstract awards will also be given.



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