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COVID-19 Bias and Anti-Racism Training Act

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) announced a new bill, the COVID-19 Bias and Anti-Racism Training Act, intended to address inequities in our health care system. This $200 million initiative supports bias and anti-racism training for health care providers and others involved in COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccine distribution. This legislation also promotes accountability to ensure people of color receive equal access to quality health care. Representative Alma S. Adams (D0NC-12) will introduce companion in the House of Representatives.

Press Release can be found HERE.


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We know there are a lot of questions about COVID-19, and the impact is evolving every day. These frequently asked questions – ABC COVID-19 FAQ Watch and ABC COVID-19 FAQ Watch Second Edition – are for the health care provider audience. Please check back for regular updates.

You can also watch ABC’s webinar, At The Heart of The Matter: Unmasking the Invisibility of COVID-19 in Diverse Populations, to learn more about the virus.


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