Stopping the Spread of Infectious Diseases:  It’s flu season! 

The above video includes an excerpt from ABC’s “Beyond the Pandemic” symposium at The Balm in Gilead’s Healthy Churches 2030 annual conference as well as segments from ABC’s virtual Community Health Advocacy Training in Jackson, MS, and New Orleans, LA

Reports show that flu illnesses are on the rise. That is not good news for your heart. The impact of flu increases your risk for having a heart attack or stroke and viruses may cause myocarditis which can lead to severe heart failure.

An increase in the influenza A (H3N2) virus has been detected in recent weeks among young adults and children. These populations, more commonly, can spread viruses given their presence in the community. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), announced flu outbreaks in colleges and universities in several states in recent weeks. 

Flu season is typically between October and May and commonly peaks in February. 

The best way to stop the spread is with vaccination. In almost all instances, no or low-cost flu vaccine is widely available at your local health provider, retail pharmacies and community organizations to all eligible persons.

Take an active part in stopping the spread of flu today by getting a vaccination as recommended by your healthcare provider. Then share the news by making certain your family and neighbors get vaccinated too. 


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Million Hearts® Stakeholders Flu Vaccination Campaign

With a potentially severe flu season upon us, it is more important than ever to encourage our communities to get their flu shots. Below are valuable resources for social media, communications, and press relations to help you and your team amplify your voice and encourage others to get their flu shots.  Click image below for more information.