News Release: ABC Condemns Violent Attacks & Racism Against Asian Americans

Dear Members, Friends and Concerned Citizens,

The Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) and our cardiovascular partners are stunned and saddened by the mass murder of eight women, six of Asian descent, in Atlanta. The killings highlight the horrific rise in hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans since the pandemic began. While this population, like Blacks and Hispanics, has long been subject to overt and subtle racism, this increase is unprecedented, driven by a year-long effort to vilify and blame Asian Americans for the pandemic. Data from Pew Research shows that a third of Asian adults have experienced verbal attacks during the pandemic, more than any other race or ethnicity, while Stop AAPI Hate documented 3,795 racially motivated incidents, including brutal attacks, against Asian Americans from March to February. That figure is likely significantly higher, given that many were not reported.

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