NHLBI-funded T32 training grant seeking transdisciplinary postdoctoral trainees

WUSTL Transdisciplinary Postdoctoral Training Program in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis

The goals of the training program are to:
1) train talented transdisciplinary postdoctoral trainees to become independent scientists in obesity and cardiovascular disease (CVD) capable of working within and leading transdisciplinary research teams;
2) provide trainees with primary mentoring from highly-qualified, senior obesity/CVD researchers and augment the trainees’ experiences with training from senior co-mentors with renowned translational research programs that can extend and inform the traditional scope of obesity/CVD research; and
3) provide training in the ethical and socially responsible conduct of obesity and CVD research across the lifespan including with vulnerable populations (e.g., children, mental health populations).

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