Heart Failure Charter – A Multi-Stakeholder Call to Action

HEART FAILURE CHARTER: A Multi-Stakeholder Call to Action to Reduce Preventable Heart Failure Hospitalizations and Improve Patient Outcomes

The Association of Black Cardiologists have joined with other partners across the industry to establish a Heart Failure Charter.

The ABC is proud to have collaborated on the Heart Failure Charter. This charter is designed to give us all a road map in reducing the burden of heart failure. Collaborating organizations from patient organizations, to professional societies and research partners have come together to form a collective charter that stands to serve all heart failure patients. All collaborating organizations will uphold this charter and will work to improve the lives of patients.

Heart failure is a serious condition, and usually there’s no cure. But Heart Failure can be managed, and individuals can live long and healthy lives with lifestyle changes and medications. ABC’s goal is to provide education and support throughout this process.

The Heart Failure Charter was built by advocates (representing patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers) for advocates and their communities. It aims to minimize the number of hospitalizations and preventative readmissions by addressing key unmet needs Heart Failure patients face during the journey from home, to ER, to hospital, to post-care, and to ongoing monitoring. The Charter demonstrates where specifically interventions and educational efforts can affect patients at initial hospitalization, discharge, and post-discharge.

You can access the Heart Failure Charter here.


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