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Eight Ways Obamacare Helps You: The benefits of the Affordable Care Act are pretty straight forward: the law makes it easier to get insurance you can afford, ensures you have the care you need when you get sick, and covers the preventive services you need to stay healthy — for free. Learn more below, then share this infographic with your friends and family so they can get the facts, too.


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The Affordable Care Act and African Americans

The Affordable Care Act and Latinos

The Affordable Care Act and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

The Affordable Care Act and Women

At Stake: What Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Mean for Middle Class Families

What the Affordable Care Act Means to Communities of Color  (Dr. Nadine Gracia, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health and the Director of the Office of Minority Health at HHS, August 19th 2013)

Recently, I traveled to Oakland, California, to participate in a town hall about how the Affordable Care Act is improving health and strengthening communities – especially communities of color that have long faced disparities in health and health care.

The Affordable Care Act: Speaking to Women’s Unique Health Need (Nancy C. Lee, M.D., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health – Women’s Health Director at the Office on Women’s Health at HHS, August 9, 2013)

More than three years ago, the most important women’s health legislation in my lifetime was passed into law — the Affordable Care Act. This law lowers the costs of health care for women, increases access to quality health care, and pays attention to the distinct health needs of women and families. As women, we often make health care decisions for ourselves and for our families, so it is important that we know how the health care law benefits us.

Women have often been charged more than men for the exact same health coverage. We have paid higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs. We also tend to make less than men and have a harder time paying for health care costs. As a result, women have not always had access to the health care they needed or the freedom to make the best health care choices for themselves and their families.

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