Championing Athletes’ Heart Health: ABC shares Message of Support for Bronny James and Family

The Association of Black Cardiologists stands firmly in support of Bronny James and the entire James family during this challenging time. Our thoughts continue to be with the family during Bronny’s recovery, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the medical professionals, especially those within the ABC community, who were a part of his care team.

It is critical to acknowledge that rates of cardiac arrest and cardiovascular disease (CVD) have been a longstanding concern among athletes. As chief advocates for heart health in the Black community, we emphasize the need for accessible and specialized medical care tailored to athletes’ unique physiological demands. This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of a well-supported healthcare team for athletes. Further, promoting awareness about the risks of CVD in young adults and advocating for proper preventative measures, including early detection, are crucial steps in ensuring their long-term health and well-being.

Again, we commend the swift response and expertise of the medical staff involved in his and others’ care in the case of similar critical incidents as they play a crucial role in achieving positive patient outcomes. We acknowledge the utility of emergency action plans, AEDs, and high-quality CPR in such situations as they can make a significant difference in saving lives.

As we extend our support to the James family, let us collectively strive for a future where athletes’ cardiovascular health is prioritized, and the community receives the care and resources needed to thrive.

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