ABC Collaborates with Johnson & Johnson on Heartline Study

The ABC is proud to announce its partnership with HEARTLINE, a randomized, pragmatic, direct-to-participant digital trial sponsored by Johnson & Johnson in collaboration with Apple. The HEARTLINE trial is designed to determine whether the use of an Apple Watch to detect new-onset atrial fibrillation (Afib) can result in improved cardiovascular outcomes, specifically reduced stroke and all-cause mortality. In addition, the impact of a new iPhone-based heart-health app in improving medical compliance and other outcomes will be tested.

The sponsors are dedicated to enrolling large numbers of participants traditionally under-represented in clinical trials, including African Americans.  In addition, we are proud to note that two long-time ABC members, professor Keith C. Ferdinand, MD (Tulane University) and electrophysiologist Kevin F. Kwaku, MD, PhD (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center) will be lending their respective expertise serving as members of the Steering Committee for this important trial.

Any healthcare provider can encourage their patients to learn more about Afib and the HEARTLINE trial by visiting  There you will also find a link leading to information tailored for providers. Drs Ferdinand and Kwaku strongly encourage you to inform yourselves about this important trial and contribute to its success by referring potentially eligible participants!

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