Classic Men Barbershop Hosts 24-Hour Marathon For Charity


Portland, ORMarch 22, 2019 — Since opening shop in 2015, the mission statement for Classic Men Barbershop & Lounge is to cater to all people that are looking for upscale hair treatments and provide premium services to men and women of all ages.

On April 6th, Classic Men is looking to set-up everyone for success in a different way. Owner Franklin Whatley has decided to dedicate the entire day, literally 24 hours, to raise awareness around heart disease. Naming it “Cut for the Heart,” Classic Men Barbershop & Lounge will be open for 24-hours straight and operate as they normally do throughout the entire time. This includes all haircuts by appointment, and walk-ins.

“Cancer research regarding the heart is something that’s very important to me and my family. I
lost my father to heart disease, and now I want to use my platform to raise awareness about
the importance of health,” Whatley explained.

Classic Men Barbershop & Lounge will begin the “Cut for the Heart” marathon on April 6, at 12pm PT.  All of the proceeds for each haircut during that 24-hour period will be donated to the
Association of Black Cardiologists, whose mission is to promote the prevention of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, in blacks and other minorities and to achieve health equity for all through the elimination of disparities.

Join Classic Men Barbershop in these efforts by booking an appointment for a haircut, paying a visit to the shop, and/or making a donation directly to the Association of Black Cardiologists.



Franklin Whatley – Owner

8735 SW Canyon Ln

Portland, Oregon

(503) 381-2136

Facebook: @classmenpdx


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