Journey to Health Equity


ABC Initiative to Improve Healthcare Access for Minority and High-Risk Populations

One of the pressing issues facing health care providers and the general population today is the concern
of access to care, specifically to newer medications or devices. From a health equity standpoint, access
improvements cannot be achieved without promoting inclusive methods and solutions that give visibility
to the access barriers faced by minorities and high-risk patients. At the outset, it is important to
acknowledge that many factors contribute to access challenges. Research has identified areas of concern
that include social determinants, cost of treatments, drugs costs, patient fees, and therapy selection. In
addition, it is essential to understand the challenges within the context of the current cardiovascular

Summary of Recommendations


Listen to a patient’s first hand account of the impact of the Affordable Care Act and how it ensures equal access to evidence-based treatment and appropriate medical care, avoiding financial catastrophe and adverse health outcomes.

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